Signup to Inferno 2016

Applications to attend Inferno 2016 – the 13th New Zealand Venture – ARE NOW OPEN!

The countdown is well underway, and momentum is building quickly as we race towards the event of 2016 that will ignite your summer and have you burning with excitement!

There is plenty of new information on the website, including the list of Phase One Expeditions and their prices at, and the Fees and Payment Plan at You should read through all of these details so that you are familiar with the structure and requirements before you complete your registration.

Youth Member applications will be dated based on the date we receive your signed application (including all endorsement signatures) and deposit payment of NZ$150, whichever is the later.

Completing only the online application will not guarantee you a position. All components must be completed to secure a position. Submitting applications with incomplete signatures (you need the participant, the parent/guardian and the Venturer Leader) will result in your application being returned, creating additional delays. It is best to get it right the first time.

Remember that places will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. We have received a great response and plenty of interest so far, and we urge you to complete the entire application process as quickly as possible. This will secure you a spot, and give you the best chance at gaining your first preference for expedition choices and activities allocations.

To assist in getting your application right, please follow this simple guide:

Please note:

  • These instructions relate to New Zealand Youth Members only. New Zealand Leaders do not need to attain other signatures, and can forward their form once they have completed it. The process remains the same otherwise.
  • All Australian participants must apply through the Australian Contingent, with more details at Direct applications will not be accepted.
  • Other International Participants should follow the above process, but should email to emphasise their international status.

Applications are now open. To commence your application, please head to

See you soon!